Rebar Cold Stamping Machine

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Rebar Cold Stamping Machine


Aleono rebar cold extrusion connection machine makes the rebar coupler plastically deform and connect with the ribbed steel bars via extrusion. There are two connection forms, radial extrusion and axial compression. The axial compression is not convenient for field construction and its connection is not stable so that it is not popularized. On the contrary, the radial extrusion connection technology is widely applied in construction engineering.

Cold Stamping Machine


The reinforcing bars to be connected are inserted into the coupler. Then, the coupler is extruded by a plier to deform plastically and connect tightly with the ribbed steel bars.


1. Our rebar cold extrusion connection machine is able to connect steel bars of various types and specifications as well as any part of rebar in strict accordance with relevant technical requirements.

2. The joint obtained enjoys high strength and reliable quality. The inspection on connection quality only requires ordinary measuring tools, even visual inspection is valid. Also, the connection quality can be controlled at any time.

3. The connection is completed by using pipe wrench, which is safe. Also, no flammable or explosive gases are used, guaranteeing no fire hazards.

4. Our rebar cold extrusion connection machine is easy to operate, with no need of professional or skilled workers.

5. It takes only 1 to 3 minutes to complete a joint and this speed is about ten times faster than that of ordinary welding.

6. Since the operation of the rebar cold extrusion connection machine is free from climate restrictions, all-weather construction is achievable, ensuring construction schedule.

7. This mechanical rebar splicing system runs without causing pollution, which is eco-friendly.

8. The steel consumption of connecting rebars by using this cold swaging system is reduced by 80% or so when compared with that of overlapping.

9. The swaging press is lightweight and flexible to operate, making it suitable to operate multiple devices simultaneously.

10. Using this machine for connecting rebars relieves congestion of joints on the rebars and facilitates pouring concrete.

Aleono Rebar Cold Stamping Machine Parameters

Aleono Rebar Cold Stamping Machine

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