When I first know about the rebar splicing industry from 2012, I was so interested in it. Because the quality of rebar splicing has a direct impact on the construction projects security. With the improvement of the rebar splicing technology, the building security and service life can be improved as well. I learned a lot about this industry when I worked for several rebar coupler factories. The reinforcing bars have different splicing methods. Every rebar splicing method has its own advantages and drawbacks. Different types of rebar splicing are applicable for different districts and construction projects.

The customers always want to buy from the factory directly because of the quality control and competitive price, but also many customers have troubles with them.

  1. Difficult to communicate. The technicians do not know English; the sales aren’t proficient in products and technology, most of them have less than one year’s experience in this industry because of the high staff turnover.

  2. Always persuade you to buy their conventional products, but not give you the right suggestions to meet your projects demands. Most of the factories can just produce one or a few kinds rebar splicing products. They prefer to sell their conventional products.

  3. High price with the unconventional products. In this situation, the first case they usually buy from other factories or dealers, add their profits, management expense and other expenses, then sell the products to you. The second case they will produce the unconventional products with their existing equipment but not the professional equipment, and most of the time they need invest the new mold. So the price is high.

  4. Unstable quality with the unconventional products. Because they buy from others or produce them with the unprofessional equipment, the products quality isn’t under control.

  5. Long delivery time and production time with unconventional products. Because they buy from others or produce it with the unprofessional equipment, the delivery time is longer than the professional manufacturers.

  6. Bad design capability. When you need to design the new items, it will be a long time for waiting.

  7. High cost and risk to change new supplier.

To solve these problems, from 2015, I built a team which devotes to rebar splicing solutions and the resource integration of rebar splicing products, we started to get in touch with some of the branded factories from the rebar splicing industry, most of them have more than ten years’ experience in rebar splicing area. Every factory has its feature splicing products. We try our best to ensure every feature products are produced by the most professional manufacturer. We always believe that professional company to do professional things can create a better quality and efficiency. We hope we can help our customers save much more time and money to get the quality feature products by this way.