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Aleono is a leading supplier of Rebar Splicing Products including Rebar Couplers, Rebar Threading Machine, Rebar Cutting Machine and more. Aleono specializes in supplying the construction and industrial sectors with Rebar Splicing Solutions, Products and Services through constant innovation and providing premium quality.

The rebar splicing couplers and Thread Rollers can be customized according to your Thread Standards (like UNC, BSW, Metric, etc) or Rebar Standards (like ASTM A615, BS4449:2005, etc). Aleono Rebar Splicing Products have been widely applied in projects of Towers, Tunnels, Subways, Bridges, Airports, High Buildings and more. With 100% bar break performance, Aleono Bar Splicing Products have been used in more than 50 countries. 100% inspection of rebar couplers and machine test can ensure only the high-quality products to our customers. —Learn More


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100% Coupler Inspection

Coupler Inspection

100% Bar Break

Bar Breaking

100% Machine Test

Machine Test

All Products Can Be Customized According to Your Requirements

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: The HS Code for Rebar Parallel Threaded Coupler: 73079200.
The HS Code for Rebar Parallel Thread Rolling Machine: 84632000.
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Q: Could you please provide us your HS code number?
A: The warranty period of ALEONO machines is ONE year. but not include the wearing parts (like thread rollers, cutting blades, etc) and problems because of the wrong operation of customers. – Learn More
Q: How about your machine warranties?
A: Once you buy the products of Aleono, you will get a lifetime service.
Some little problems, you can find the resolve solutions from our FAQs, Blogs, Help Documents or Videos. – Learn More
Q: How about your after-sale services?
A: Sure we can provide you some rebar coupler samples for your testing, but you should bear the express charge, and when you place the first order, the express charge will be refunded – Learn More
Q: Can you provide some free rebar coupler samples for testing?
A: Yes, But Before you place the order, please let us know your rebar standards, so we would use the suitable materials to produce the rebar couplers to ensure the strength of the rebar splices. – Learn More
Q: Can 100% bar break performance no effect on coupler portion?
A: There are three suggestions for your reference.
If you have the Rebar Threading Machine, we can send the free rebar coupler samples to you, – Learn More
Q: How do we proceed the tensile test?
A: Please notice: No matter which size of rebar you will send us. Please prepare 3 pcs of each size. One group testing needs 3 times. And ensure the length of rebar samples reach 70-80cm. –Learn More
Q: Please confirm me rebar sample requirements for tensile test
A: The required length of the test specimen is 60cm. But you know, to make the qualified Rebar Mechanical Connection Specimens, there may be some rebar loss during the operation. – Learn More
Q: Is that 60cm ok instead 70-80cm?

A: Generally speaking, we just have Chinese standard Aleono Rebar Splicing Products in stock, if there are any customized products, we need time to finish it, – Learn More

Q: Do you have stock in your warehouse?

A: We’d love to, but not all the clients want others to know what and where they purchased. So, if it is needed, we can try to ask our clients in your country whether they want to be mentioned. – Learn More

Q: Can you give me reference of your clients in our country?

A: One set of roller includes three pieces of thread rollers.

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One set of roller has two rollers or three?
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